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Peter Strachan asks:

  • I have been after a book on the Dutch house of Orange jewel collection, and I just don't know where to get a copy of it. Please can you help ?

There is an excellent book written by a Dutch jeweller who has studied a lot of years in the Dutch Royal Archives:

René Brus: De Juwelen van het Huis Oranje-Nassau, Schuyt & Co 1996, ISBN: 90 6097 403 4

  • May I ask you if you know of any other books on royal jewellery collections ?

You mention in your mail several wonderful books on royal jewelry. There are a lot of book on jewelry in general. I can mention for your a book on the Spanish royal jewelry:

Fernando Rayón and José Luis Sampedro: Las joyas de las reinas de Espana, Planeta 2004, ISBN: 84-08-051 19-9