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January 1st 2009

At the New Years court at the Amalienborg Her Majesty was wearing the pearl poires tiara from the Royal Family Foundation. The Queen was also wearing the pearl necklace and a large pendant with pearls, rubies and diamonds. A pair of eardobs with pearls, rubies and diamonds. Collier, pendant and eardobs are part of the Crown Jewellery and can be seen at Rosenborg Palace.

Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess was wearing the tiara in diamonds and rubies that once belonged to Queen Desiree of Sweden. She got the set from her husband, marshall Bernadotte, for wearing it at the coronation of Napoleon I on December 2nd 1804. Crown Princess Mary was wearing the earstones of the large eardobs and the large collier.

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie partcipating for the first time was wearing the diamond tiara with five flowers in diamonds. With the tiara earrings with diamonds. 


January 22nd 2006

At the christening of Prince Christian on January the 21st 2006 Crown Princess Mary for the first time was wearing a brooch that once belonged to Queen Ingrid's mother Crown Princess Margaret of Sweden. I presume that Queen Margrethe has given it to the Crown Princess when she gave birth to the heir to the Danish throne.

It is a large sapphire set in diamonds with a festoon in pearls and a pendant that is made of diamonds and a pearl. From its form it is obvious that it is made at the end of the 19th century.

Queen Margrethe has told me that it belonged to her grandmother after whom she is named. Queen Ingrid often was wearing the sapphire brooch at important family events like at Queen Margrethe's engagement. At a time Queen Ingrid gave it to her eldest daughter who was wearing it at i.g. Prince Nikolai's christening.

A photo of the brooch is seen to the right.

Congratulations to Prince Joakim and Miss Marie Cavallier!

How lovely with a wedding again. The bride will, I hope, get a lot of jewellery.